"Insight is drawn from the juxtaposition of natural mechanics; wind, light, space. Form is drawn from organized unfamiliarity and contempt. Precision is followed by destruction."


Intentions materialize the moment chosen media coalesce. As such, my work illustrates an internal conflict with credence and the subjugation of regularity; each decision, significant, and each movement, of consequence. To further expand upon my process, retention of tranquility provides the entrance into simplicity and curiosity. Motivation behind creation is simply the exploitation of imagination. Without imagination, reality becomes sterility.

My work conveys fleeting moments of despair complemented by accents of hope; the hope that provokes the subtle truth of ignorance. Art is the language of the unspoken; therefore, my job is to communicate this paradigm in an, abstract context while providing an experience for the viewer, be that strikingly uncomfortable, profoundly memorable, or simply void of contact. 

My body of work has evolved from the utilization of rudimentary paint strokes to the introduction of new methodologies, processes, and media; thus, facilitating the emergence of experimentation and the release from the confines of theory. Most recently, I am expanding upon my process via architectural media implementation and appropriation in addition to color palette manipulation while exploring the fluidity and drama concerning the oscillation and balance of destruction and reconstruction, metaphorical matter, and subliminal isolation. Additionally, my current practice focuses on environmental awareness, meteorological and physical processes, and natural phenomena.